I love tan,it makes me feel and look better and also gives me a boost of confidence. Usually for any events I get a spray tan it’s quick and easy and less hassle. For years I have been looking for a perfect tan for during the week or nights out with the girls in town. Most ones I have tried have either went
streaky,sticky,smelly etc ekkk it really annoys and it’s a waste of money.


So recently I tried Baby doll medium Tan. It’s perfect 👌
It’s a big sized bottle retailing at €8.99
It has a moose consistency with a dark colour which is easy to see when I was applying the tan. The tan blends super easy and doesn’t go flakey on the second coat which I find happens on the application of some other tans.
It smell like coconut which is yummy and doesn’t smell though out the night. I don’t know about you but that really puts me off tan when the smell of the tan accelerates in the night when sleeping 😴
Drying time is super quick approximately 5 Mins but each individuals skin is different.
It literally takes 5 Mins to apply and lasts 4-7 days, I find when I moisturise it lasts so much longer and it wears off gradually without patches.
Overall I would give this tan a 10/10. It’s a fabulous golden colour. I just love it. Below is a picture of before and after as you can see I am so white. This photo is before I washed it off.
Hope you enjoyed reading this post
Mel x


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