L’oreal infallible foundation vs l’oreal true match foundation

I always use higher brand products but I like to experiment with high street products on the market to advise products to my clients at a lower cost and which are easier to pick up.



I have used l’oreal true match foundation for a few months on myself and I have to admit I really liked it. I went in to purchase another bottle during the week and I seen the loreal infallible 24hrs foundation it’s a new formula,so I picked it up and went straight home to try it out.

TRUE MATCH: thin and runny,it slides off my back of your hand quickly. So work fast
INFALLIBLE:  creamy and thin but more solid than true match

True match: Surprisingly for such a light weight consistency It had a medium coverage which is buildable. It’s very easy to blend and sits great on the skin.
Infallible: It has a medium to heavy coverage. A bit harder to blend as it drys quickly into the skin but not a big problem also sits lovely on the skin

True match: matte/satin  finish with a sheen,non cakey finish
Infallible: higher matte finish but with an overall glow which I love, some medium coverage foundations give you the coverage but tends to look drying on the skin, infallible doesn’t and it doesn’t go onto the cracks on my face. So ♥

Lasting time
True match: I found it lasted well on my skin after about 5 -6 hours after that  it would sometimes look shiny on my cheeks and nose but I have combination skin so anyone with dry skin type shouldn’t have this problem and would last longer. A bit of powder does the trick and helps me get another few hours.
Infallible: I am wearing this at present and I have it on 9-10 hours and it still looks Amazing. Take into consideration the weather it’s colder out now so foundations do tend to last longer on the skin. I am very pleased with the lasting time on this product and I would wear on a night out :-)

Overall I love both foundations. Infallible looks Amazing on the skin, with a glow on the skin and has a long lasting time and better coverage. Only fault is and this is just me looking to find one, is that it might be harder for some people to blend into the skin.  I recommend using a brush to apply the product.
True match is still a favorite of mine. It has More of a satin finish and still has good buildable coverage. Its definitely more light weight on the skin but still has a matte finish. I think more suitable for drier skin type but suitable for oily skin just needs to be set with powder.


Wearing infallible foundation.

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