Tips For wearing Red lipstick

Red lipstick is very sexy, glamorous. Its fun and energetic and definitely makes a statement. Any one can wear red lipstick it all depends on do you have the confidence to wear it?

Other Articles  have specific rules about who can wear what colour lipstick, whether it blue-red ,orange-red or true red , for example they say fair skin can only wear blue red lipstick as it’s a cooler tone. I’m not saying they are wrong but in my opinion I don’t agree. I believe in the world of makeup there is no right and wrong . Each individual is completely different not everyone is going to fall into one category. We all have different skin tones, skin colour, hair and eye colour so I just don’t see how you can categorize them. we have to experiment as see whats works for you.

So Here is a few tips and advise on how to choose a shade.

So we have different shades of red and all in different tones

  • orange-red
  • blue red
  • true red
  • Golden Red
  • Pink Red
  • Brown Red
  • Green Red

Choosing a lip colour depends on whether you want to make a statement or more subtle look. It’s all about how intense you want to go.

Identifying your skin tone

  • Have a look at your wrist, check the colours of our veins, cooler skin tones have a bluish colour veins, warmer skin tones have a greenish colour in their veins. Neutral Skin tones have a mix of the two colours
  • Silver jewellery tends to suit cool skin tones better and gold jewellery tends to suit warmer skin tones

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Fair Skin with cool undertones looks good with cool undertone lippy (blue-red).

Reds with a tint of plum look great on very fair skin and a warm bright red is bold against their pale skin,which can be pulled off.

A cranberry red can help warm up fair skin. Fair skin tones also look good with an orange /red tone lippy, it will be more intense and brighter against their pale skin but is still wearable it depends of the overall look. Be careful if you have a yellow tint on your teeth as an orange red lipstick will make teeth appear more yellow. If so go for a lipstick with a slight brown undertone.

Pink reds will also good on a cool and warmer undertone.


Olive skin as it warmer tone  an orange-red lippy will look completely different from a fair skin , it wont be as intense because of their gorgeous warm undertone in their skin tone and looks beautiful. Warm dark scarlet  tone lippy works with this skin tones its more of a stronger look and Cool reds also work.



Caramel tones. Warm reds with tint of gold are beautiful on you but you can pull off cooler reds for more of a statement.


Almond skin tones cool tones are for you,  a deep brown red , berry red ,maroon and raspberry looks fresh against dark skin tones but warm bright reds still look pretty.

Theo Wargo

Beige skin tone has a yellow undertone which would be asian skin types.Warm orange  reds like tangerine looks great with this skin tone but cooler medium reds work good  aswell.


True Red looks great on all skin tones generally. Remember hair colour plays a big part in choosing a lip colour. Brunette can pull off deeper shades of reds than blonde hair

Some lip shades from MAC, i love MAC lipsticks. but there is plenty of other amazing lipstick brands on the market which you should try.


                                                           Mac – lady danger orange/red


                                                        Mac -Diva Reddish burgundy


                                                          Mac -Chilli Brownish red



                                                  MAC – Russian red  intense bluish red



                                                      MAC – Ruby woo  bright Bluish red  


                                          MAC limited edition damn glamorous pink/red


                                                    MAC -Kinky Limited edition neutral   

I would also advise strongly to apply a nice liner on top eye lid with nice defined eyes and add some lashes to even out the makeup look as wearing this colour on its own will  look washed out.


Hope you enjoyed this and it helped you in choosing a red lip colour.  I will be answering all things Makeup and Beauty under #AskMelissaClarkeMakeup on twitter so be sure to get all your inquiries in there.

Chat soon

Mel x

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