Must Have beauty products for Summer.

Its been a while since a posted on this i have a had a hectic few weeks but i am back and have loads to talk about.

Summer has Hit Ireland over the past few days and I really hope it lasts. I love summer , long evening walks, blue fresh skies I just feel so much more energetic in the summer. Its time to pack up them winter clothes and to start showing our flesh again.  So here are a few beauty products to help you look and feel great after those long winter dull months when heading out into the sun.

  • Clinique Spf factor . Spf is a must for our face in the summer, Uva, Uvb rays are extremely harmful for our skin,  firstly it causes skin cancer but we want to prevent them wrinkles and skin pigmentation. Over the years I have found  it difficult to find a face spf that didn’t infere with my makeup. they were either too thick, oily, shiny and makeup just wouldnt  adhere to my makeup but I found this holy grail and its amazing.
  • Foundation: This can be a tricky one for us girls. The humid weather increases the chances of your foundation melting from our face. So it does depend on two things what type of coverage we want? what type of skin type we have? It depends on personal choice.

Mac: Face and body foundation



This is a great foundation, its quick and easy to apply. It’s a sheer but buildable coverage that gives a beautiful natural glow to the skin. It’s suitable for all skin types, water-resistant and long wearing. Apply powder if you require more coverage and it will hold makeup for a longer period.





Mac Prolongwear: A long wearing foundation suitable for humid condition, it controls oil but allows your skin to breathe. II would say its a medium coverage. I would highly recommend Pro longwear as it’s not too cakey for summer



Estee lauder Double wear: Super long wearing foundation lasting 15hrs even without primer or powder. It has a matte finish and liquid consistency, medium to full coverage. I love this foundation for going out but for a day in the sun i think it is too full on that’s just my opinion. If you like full coverage then this is the one for you. It’s a fantastic (1)

  • Tan:  A nice glowing tan is a must have but after the long winter months and irish skin we are milk bottles lol so we need a solution quickly . Instant tans are fantastic which are  quick and easy tan but not so great if you decide to go swimming then you will be left looking like a zebra, so ifs that’s the case opt for a gradual tan and use both accordingly to what suits the situation best.

My two favorite instant tans are academie instant tan and good reliable sally hanson.

Academie bronze express is a liquid formula, I wouldn’t advise for a beginner as it can be messy. I love that you can see where i am applying the tan and it has a low tan odour, that really bothers me about tans. it doesn’t transfer into my clothes,  It’s not cheap and its small enough but i would give it a 9/10

Sally hanson: This is just so  handy and reliable, long-lasting and retails at €10. Just spray onto my body and use the glove to blend. I did find it can transfer onto my clothes but now I use a towel and give my body a quick rub down and it works wonders, perfect tan for the handbag and holidays.

Skin illuminator . Apply to your cheekbones to give a skin a sun kissed glow, can also be applied on collar bones, front of legs when the sun hits it, it looks fantastic.


  • Nail polish. Get yourself a pedicure at the start of the summer, most of us neglected our little feet over the winter period. Invest in a few nails polishs to mix and match to your outfits. I find the Rimmel polishs good quality and affordable.


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