Catwalk HQ Tan – Summer goals

Catwalk HQ Tan – Summer goals

Hey guys

This weeks blog is about the newest tan on the market at the moment, which you might not have heard of yet Catwalk HQ.


I am a massive tan addict. I love testing all different tans on the market. I love looking bronzed and golden, it gives me so much more confidence. I have had my ups and downs with Tanning products. Every skin type is different, it is important to find a tan suitable to your skin type therefore its all about trial and error. Summer is also approaching , which requires more body parts exposed and we all want to look sun-kissed and bronzed.  I have found the perfect Tan.


My Top Tan at the moment is Catwalk HQ. Where do I even start, I just am in love with it. It is an Irish product and produced in the west of Ireland. I love when Irish brands create amazing products,we are seeing a lot more fantastic Irish products coming into the beauty industry over the past few years. Firstly they do not test on animals and it contains no parabens or harmful ingredients. It is full of antioxidants which are good for our skin, which is amazing.


Its a mousse formula that is available in a medium and dark shade. It smells divine and feels super soft on the skin during application. Its very easy to blend onto the skin with the help of their own branded velvet mitt. Drying time is about 2 minutes and develops within 2-4 hours. I personally leave mine over night and shower in the morning as I like my Tan to be a nice deep shade.

The catwalk tan lasts a good week and it fades gradually.

I get so many compliments when im wearing the tan and have been using it the last two months. Overall its an amazing tanning product and it gets a 10 /10  from me.




Melissa x





Wow Brown Defintely Has The Wow Factor

Wow Brown Defintely Has The Wow Factor

Most of us girls and men of course like to be sun kissed and bronzed. Why not, Not only does tan make us look like a million dollars, it gives us confidence and a feeling of positivity about ourselves.

I have been on the hunt for The perfect Tan. I have tried Mousse, lotion, creams and oils.I have found some good products but Wow Brown is Just Wow.

I was over the Moon when I received Wow brown Tan ,it arrived just in time as I had an event that weekend.  I had two options of wow brown tan to choose from DIY medium/dark lotion or Ready to glo dark tanning liquid. I decided to try the medium to dark lotion and here is how it went.



The texture:

The tan is a coloured lotion which makes it very easy to see the application on the body. The consistency of The tan is a thick liquid. It spreads very well over the body and allows you time to blend into the skin.


Drying time:

It Dries fully within 15-20minutes.



I detest smelly tans and I was delighted that wow brown had minimal tan smell during and after application


Lasting time:

The Tan lasted me about 1 week and it wore off gradually after the week, this was the most impressive aspect of the tan, it wore off non patchy and didn’t have a dirty appearance.











Overall rating – 9\10

I was very impressed overall with Wow brown tan. I absolutely loved the colour, I had so many complements on it. I was also really impressed that I had no tan transfer onto my clothes as I find sometimes even after washing off tan this can still happen which bugs me.  It wore off 100% which was a massive plus for me . It has been my favourite tan to date.

Wow brown can be purchased here: wow brown



Tips before getting a spray tan.

Tips before getting a spray tan.

Featured image We all had a tanning disaster once in our lifetime.We want a Nice Golden tan without any streaks and we definitely don’t want to  look like a pumpkin, its such a terrible look. Getting a spray tan makes you feel better straight away, it also gives the illusion of a slimmer figure which is amazing. Perfect for all occasions to give us a boost of confidence, I have put together a few dos and don’ts to achieve a perfect tan, in my experience of a therapist , prep is the key and its up to the client to follow through on this.It will help prolong your tan and give you a more even gradual Tan.

Before Your Spray Tan

  •  Prep your skin in the day’s upcoming to your Tan. Exfoliate all rough areas, ankles, knees, elbows and dry areas you might have on your body.
  • . Shave or wax at least 24 hours before your treatment of  the day of your appointment, shaving on the same day can cause tan to go into the follicles of the hair shaft and will cause little brown dots.
  • Do not wear moisturiser On your body. Tan will Not absorb into the skin through moisturiser, it acts as a barrier.
  • If you have any skin disorders such as Eczema or Psoriasis, contact me or your own therapist to discuss getting a spray tan.
  • Clients with eczema can be more sensitive to products and depending on how severe your eczema condition is, it could prevent you getting the treatment. If you wish to proceed dry areas on your skin will take the tan more quickly which causes that area to go darker, barrier cream is used to prevent this from happening, again it depends on the clients skin.
  • Do not wear deodorant, it can cause a reaction in the tan turning it green, which in most causes is fine when showered off but you could be that one person that it doesn’t wash off. Green armpits ekkkk!!! 3. Bring loose-fitting clothes to prevent marking your tan after application, Dont wear tight jeans it will mark your tan.
  • I would advise getting your tan 2 days before your event, then if its too light we can reapply another coat the next day or too dark it will tone down so its a win win suitation.

After Treatment

  •  Leave 8 hours before having a shower, shower with warm water and gently rub the skin until water runs clear and pat dry with a towel. No rough friction movements.
  •  Start Moisturising  your body 2 days after your spray tanning treatment. This will help prolong your Tan and will help it come off more evenly.

Hope this helps as you want to achieve the best results from your spray Tanning experience Melissa xox