Bride of the month

Bride of the month

The new year is about new beginnings and starting a new chapter in your life. So what a way to start the year by marrying the one you love and creating a beautiful story.









Michelle and Mark got married on the 8th January 2016 and celebrated their reception at Mount Wolsley Hotel Tullow Co.Carlow. The lovely couple arrived in style on the hotel grounds in a helicopter. I know amazing right? Talk about a moment not to forget.






















The morning of the wedding Michelle and her two bridesmaids were very calm and cheerful despite a very early start they were excited about the day ahead.








Michelle wanted a make-up look that would suit the theme of the day. So I took into account the time of year , décor, styles of dress and what would suit Michelle to perfection.

The Make-up was a classic look with my unique style. I went for warm brown shades on the eyes which I used The blank canvas master palette. I added a tint of champagne pigment on the lid to really make them eyes pop perfect for the Christmas season. The skin was fresh with a dewy glow with chiselled cheekbones and a peach tone blush on the apples of the cheeks. I finished off with a bold Deep red lip. I LOVE red lips on brides for a christmas wedding it’s so festive.










Product list:


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream foundation

Studio Fix fluid

Nars radiant creamy concealer

Chanel universal bronzing cream

Mac studio fix powder

Anastasia contour palette

Mac peachy keanblush


Mac painterly cream base

Blank canvas master palette

Inglot gel liner 77


Makeup ever aqua brow


Look at that dress it was just stunning.











I Also had the pleasure of working with Michelle’s two Beautiful Bridesmaids Aine and Denise. Look at them stunning Faces.















The Wedding venue looked magical with the Christmas lights and every aspect of the day complemented each other. I was glad to be a part of her day and wish her the best in the future.









Flowers: A daisy A Day in Baltinglass

Bridal dress:B Couture in Arklow

Bridesmaids Dresses: House of Fraser

Michelles Head piece: Linda Fleming millinery Gorey

Photographer: Simon O’shea Photography

Venue : Mount wolseley Hotel Co. Tullow


I hope you enjoyed this and I cant wait to See all my future brides

Melissa xx


Enhance your eyes with Baby Doll lashes

Enhance your eyes with Baby Doll lashes

Lashes are a must have in my kit when creating makeup looks. They can intensify the eye makeup and can give the illusion of a bigger eye shape.  Lashes come in different lengths, thickness and styles. I have always found it difficult to find the perfect lashes, the brands would lack in a selection of styles or the band of the lash strip were too thick and are difficult to apply to the eyes.

I Have finally  found the most spectacular lashes.  Baby Doll Cosmetics are an Irish company who launched in 2013 at the RDS. They have a wide range of lashes in different lengths and thickness to suit all individuals.  I have been using BAbydoll lashes for about a year now and I still love them as much as day one., the quality of the lashes are amazing they are lightweight and easy to apply.


The lashes

My favourite are the 870 lashes, they are an average length with a demi wispy effect. The lashes are natural but yet still achieves fullness of the eye.


If you prefer more length and minimum thickness the 795 are the ones for you. I get asked so many times, what lashes i’m wearing when wearing these beauties, the 795 they are light enough for daytime use. They are perfect if you naturally have thick lashes but need to add that extra length.


If you like the full dramatic look the 807 are your dream lashes, they have amazing fullness and are super dark, perfect to add definition to the eyes.  Great lashes for party nights out perfect for  a bold make up look.


You can purchase The lashes at , hurry up and show off them lashes girls. There is also new lashes just been added to the Babydoll family  704 and 711 super excited to try them. I am wearing 870 lashes in this makeup look.

Flutter them lashes

Melissa xx




My Invisalign Experience

My Invisalign Experience

All you need to know about Invisalign Braces.

I decided back last summer that I could take the plunge and get braces here is why:

I Always knew I needed braces since my teenage years but it wasn’t the cool thing back all them years ago ( I’m Not that old Lol). After school I really wanted to get braces but the years past between Beauty therapy training, Make-up diplomas and starting up my own business all my money went into that area.

Last year I did my research on braces but since I was a bit older and been a Make up Artist I felt a bit paranoid getting metal braces as I have close contact to my clients everyday. I remembered Suzanne Jackson posting up a picture of her with Invisalign Braces a while back so I started researching more into it.

So how do they  work?

Invisalign are clear braces that slowly move your teeth week by week. They are clear plastic retainers that you keep in 22 hours of the day, which you clip in and out when you are having meals. Invisaligns are changed every 14 days, each new set has a new mould of your teeth which is how they gradually move your teeth.  I have 27 sets which is one year and one week, at present I’m on set 5 so in total its been 10 weeks.

How much does it cost?

Each case is different depending on whether you need both upper and lower aligners and the severity of your teeth. The length of time required ranges from 8 months to 2 years. My teeth have a  cross bite and I have Dracula fangs which need to be moved down and they caused overcrowding in my mouth. Mine in total cost 3500 euros, yes I know it’s a lot of money compared to metal braces roughly costing 2500 euros again it depends on each individual but I keep telling myself it will be worth it. 

The procedure

I went for a consultation to see if I was eligible for Invisaligns which consisted off getting an x-ray and an examination of my teeth, with all the information, the dentist had to send it away to the Invisalign company to design me up a plan. He then explained the Pros and cons and how they work.

During my second consultation I got moulds done of my teeth which were sent away to create my 27 sets of aligners. I was also shown a 3D virtual version of my teeth and how they would change week by week.

It took about 6-8 weeks for my sets to come back, I was getting a bit impatient as I just wanted to start them. So I was super excited to get a phone call to come in. In that session the dentist had to use a small strip of a metal file to file in-between my teeth to create space, that actually process wasn’t sore it was afterwards that was the problem.

week 1-2

The first 3 hours were fine ,I thought I escaped all the pain well  I was so wrong…

It was a total nightmare, I felt weird speaking and I felt as if my lips were protruding out.  I was finding it impossible to remove the alingers the more I pulled the worse the pain got. My gums were bleeding and then when I eventually did get them off, It was nearly as sore to try eat but look that is my rant over lol it does get better I promise

As new areas of my gums were newly exposed it was very uncomfortable especially even eating certain foods, the alingers themselves were fine but I just felt constant pressure on my teeth, no pain no gain.

The hardest part was getting into a routine it literally added an extra 15 mins each morning before I started my day. After each meal you need to clean your teeth, clean your alingers, floss your teeth and pop them back in. It sounds easy but doing this 4 times a day and especially been in public it can be a pain I have a little bag that I bring everywhere i go with all my essentials.

I was very happy to get my new set, as the alingers can become stained and to be honest I was missing the pressure on my teeth as I know they are working with the pain kicks in.

Set 2-5

It became easier each week , it became apart of my routine everyday. Set 2,3 and 4 were very sore for the first 3 days but then they settled in. Set 5 were probably the easiest set, I had a slight tight pressure but I think our bodies just quickly adapt to the change.

I can see a massive difference already even though they are small changes I notice them in my face shape and when I smile.

Are they Invisible

Yes they are, rarely anyone notices I have them on unless I was in very close contact. I have little buttons attached to my teeth to help the alingers shift my teeth and They are more noticeable then the actually alingers they are completely clear sheath over your teeth

Where I got them Done

I attend Dean street Dental in Kilkenny after a lot of research I felt instantly at ease in my first consultation with Paul he is super nice and thoroughly explained every detail and they have fantastic payment plans. I would 100% recommend them.

I would recommend getting Invisalgn even after all the crying and complaining I knew before I started the treatment it wasnt going to be a breeze and they are apartently not as sore as braces my friend is going through the procedure with metal braces and to be honest I think i got away lightly she was in serious pain ,so overall I would give Invisalgn a big thumbs up and I will post updates throughout my procedure


Melissa xx

Bride of the Month

Bride of the Month


Bride of the month-Kathryn Simpson.



Wow this girl is so  beautiful inside and out and had a fanastic story behind that beautiful smile.


Kathryn and her bridal party were from all across the world, each girl with such interesting backgrounds. I was introduced to Kathryn by her bridesmaid Gracie who is living in Berlin but also a carlow native like myself. As been across the sea  Kathryn and myself communicated through whatsApp where we got to know each others personalities and exchanged different looks and ideas ,which then I could put together ato create a unique look for Kathryn on the morning of her big day. Kathryn is currently living in Manchester but orignally from Lismore, Co  Waterford.

After all over converstaions across the phone It was finally time to meet the bride to be. I met kathryn In Hotel Kilkenny on the morning of her wedding day. It was her dream to get married in St Canice’s Cathedral and now it was happening. She was so calm and relaxed and enjoyed the giddle with her bridesmaids Gracie, Katie and Roxanne.



Kathryn wanted a timeless bridal look, she wanted to look like herself but a better version as she says. I helped define her features while giving a long lasting flawless finish.



Me in work mode :-)


Kathryn & Chris 136.jpg

Products that I used


  • Mac Studio Fix fluid with Blank canvas Foundation Brush F20
  • Prolongwear concealer
  • Mac Studio Fix powder lightly on the t-zone with Ben eye Banana Powder underneath the eyes
  • Anastasia Beverly hills Contour palette in Light to sculpt the cheek bones and sides of face
  • To give that beautiful youthful glow I applied Young Blood champagne fever highlight on the cheek bones
  • Again I wanted  to add a youthful glow to the cheeks , urban decay score has a beautiful sheer glow with a subtle tint of colour


  • Mac dervish Lipliner  and Lipstick Hue


  • Mac omega and Anastasia Beverly hills dip brow promade – soft brown


  • Mac : Handwritten, kid, mythology ,brule, swiss chocolate, embark.

Finished off with Mac fix + spray this excellent for setting the over makeup and keeps skin hydrated and fresh looking, also a perfect product for a bride to have throughout the day.

Bridesmaids- all the girls had a different colour dresses to represent each of their personalites ,a delicate style dress whic was a soft pastel colour they were so stunning.


Katies dress really enchanced her eyes, I focused on the eyes to  really make that blue pop with soft coral tones with smoked lash line. Katie is from belfast and met kathryn in Belfast university.



Roxanne informed me she didnt wear much makeup so I went for a soft smokey eye using soft brown tones which complemented the soft pastel green dress. Roxanne is from france,kathryn were pen pals since they were kids and remained friends ever since. So cute.






I really enjoyed working with all amazing girls and getting to know all of them.

The girls were all a pleasure to work with from start to finish and were beautiful inside and out.

Melissa xx

Photography: Elisha  Clarke Photography

Hair :Hotel Kilkenny Salon